Emco Electrodyne


EMCO, an ISO: 9001 certified company of more than 34 years of industry rich electro-mechanical experience feels immense pleasure in the introducing our range of Speciality Rolls for Calendaring/Squeezingand Embossing applications for Steel/Textile/Paper/Process and Allied Industries.

EMCO Speciality Rolls are manufactured in a state-of-art 4,000 sq.mtr dust-free and pressurised facility located at Chunni, Punjab, India with installed latest machines such as CNC Turning Centres with 5000mm between centres, 02 no’s Hydraulic Presses upto 1500 tons and suitable for rolls exceeding 7000 mm overall length, High speed blanking presses, Cylindrical grinding Machines, 15 tonnes Overhead hoists , 3D soft wares, precision measuring instruments such as Hardness Testers, Micro meters etc available under one roof.

Employing filler materials from majors manufactures in Europe and the US, strict adherence to ISO standards, ensures high quality product deliverance, which is considered as "Best-in-the-class".

Be it 01 roll for Refurbishments OR 100 coils for an OEM, short lead times are guaranteed.

If you are an OEM or an Industry Owner, EMCO shall eagerly look forward to all your valuable enquiries and also invite your goodself, to visit our facility to understand, our capabilities and advantages of choosing EMCO as your "Most Preferred Calendaring, Squeezing, Steel Roll Supplier".


  • Dyeing Ranges
  • Fibre Processing
  • Stentors
  • Textile Calendering
  • Non-Woven Calenders
  • Acidic /Alkali Corrosive & Chemically Active
  • Oiling & De-oiling
  • Paper Calenders
  • Soft Calenders
  • Friction Calendering
  • De- Watering
  • Embossing



  • Cotton and Cotton-Wool combinations available for Paper and Textile Calendaring
  • Diameter : 800 mm (Max),Face Length : 5000 mm
  • High resilience and temperature index makes it suitable for high productivity
  • 100% pure cotton used for making unique rolls.


  • Polyamide Sleeves mounted on solid shafts
  • Diameter : 1200mm ( Max) , Face Length : 5000mm
  • Suitable for high temperature resistance and productivity and low surface damage
  • Increased production with best results
  • Emco can Supply New Polyamide Rolls & Refit the existing rolls


  • Used mainly of Embossing and Calendaring purposes
  • Produced from compressed Wool Paper
  • Various Combination of Wool (from 15-40%) for different needs and applications
  • Diameter : 800mm (Max), Face Length : 5000mm


  • Most sought Replacement of conventional Rubber Rolls
  • Diameter : 800mm ( max) , Face Length : 5000mm
  • World class Filler material for improved squeezing performance
  • Used for increased fluid extraction, oiling, de-oiling etc
  • Various fillers available, suiting acidic /alkali /corrosive and chemically active liquids and atmospheres


  • For any application relative to the industrial use.
  • Alloy Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Hard Chrome plated Rolls
  • HVOF coated rolls for extreme hardness
  • Diameter : 800mm ( max) , Face Length : 5000mm
  • Anti deflection rolls