Emco Electrodyne

The Company

EMCO has been producing quality electrical equipment such as motors, motors controls and high voltage panels since 1976. The company was founded by Mr.P.S. Matharoo in Chandigarh to manufacture electrical control panels. Keeping in pace with technology and advancement in manufacturing techniques EMCO grew upto three subsidiaries.

Years of manufacturing know-how and strong commitment to meet every customer's needs have made EMCO ELECTRODYNE the clear and affordable choice. The knowledgeable team, a higher quality productand an industry leading guarantee of service makes EMCO ELECTRODYNE your best choice.

EMCO ELECTRODYNE is always on hand to serve you. Our knowledgeable representatives are always available to answer any questions you may have. Your satisfaction is our most important goal and we understand that this can only be accomplished by providing you with consistent quality and timely service day after day, year after year.


Repairs, refurbishment and rewinds
  • Rewind AC Motors and generators from 415 volts to 18,000 volts up to 40MW ratings.
  • Rewind DC machines up to 7000HP including commutator replacements.
  • In works and onsite failure/ root cause analysis and diagnosis.
  • Cryogenic (Dry-ice) and steam cleaning.
  • Onsite Overhauls of large motors and genetors.
  • Onsite supervision for high voltage rewinds.
Diagnostic and residual life assessments.
  • Complete condition monitoring (online and offline).
  • Electrical and mechanical analysis.
  • Laser alignment and in-situ balancing.
  • Thermography and heat path tracing.
Major overhaulting on site and at our works.
  • Overhaulting of machines at works and onsite.
  • Rewinding, redesign or insulation improvement.
  • Retrofit bearings, seals, shafts, retaining rings and other components.
  • Condition motitoring and RLA studies.
Long term service contracts.
  • Comprehensive maintenence of rotating machines of the entire plant.
  • Maintenance scheduling ranging from annual, pre-planned and breakdown.
  • 24 hr urgent response guarantee.
  • Permanent deployment of a skilled team to the customer's site for round-the clock support.
Multi Turn Formed Coils (Resin Rich & VPI)
  • Upto 18 KV
  • Max Cell size 35x120x2500 mm
  • Turn taping of conductor bunch
  • Enamel/Glass/Dacron/Mica as basic conductor insulation
Roebel bars (Resin Rich & VPI)
  • Upto 27KV
  • Max Cell size 35x120x7000 mm
  • Transpositions of sub-conductors possible upto 720°
  • Copper /Stainless Steel Conductors
  • Solid and/or hollow conductors
  • Enamelled/Glass/Dacron /Mica as basic conductor insulation